2016 Racing Season Has Begun

This year had an interesting start to it. Autobahn Country Club, south course, a private member owned track that was last raced nine years ago. The south course is a very technical track that only has two opportunities a year to ride with a track day group, so racing this for the first time was rather challenging. Saturday was all day practice, in 40-degree temps, in the rain, needless to say, practice wasn’t very productive, but it did provide me the opportunity to at least learn the track, and freeze my fingers. Sunday was race day, still wet in the morning, but drying as the day went on. My first race was mid morning, mostly dry with a few damp patches. Finished the race in twelfth place. Second race was completely dry, early afternoon, had a much improved pace over the morning race, and was able to finish fifth. A decent start to the season, for a track I’ve never been to, with practice in the rain. Defiantly felt slow, was very much looking forward to the next race weekend back at the home track.


Back at the home track, and the weather is fantastic. After the last race weekend, I really felt it was time to get up to speed and get my mojo back, so to speak. Again Saturday was all day practice, and I managed to come within 0.5 sec of my best time ever there. I was incredible happy with that, and I just knew there was more time to be had. Race one, terrible start, I managed to push and keep up the pace I was running all weekend, but that was just not enough to over come the start. Ended up finishing dead last. Race two, much improved start, still lost a few places off the start, even though I was not in the lead pack, I managed to catch and pass someone on the third lap. I noticed there were two racers in front of me that did have a gap on me but I was making up ground on them. By lap 4 I had caught up to them, and followed them around for a lap to find out where they were weak, I noticed that the racer in front of me was weak going into corner 4, that was where I would make my move the next lap around, unfortunately the next time around he didn’t allow my late brake underneath pass. I would eventually pass him on the brakes after the straight into turn 1, nicely executed draft pass. Now onto the next racer, knowing that the laps remaining were getting very small, I knew I had to make quick work of it, on the second to last lap I made another draft pass into turn 1, and just put my head down and tried to put as much distance between us as I could. I set my best lap time ever, the last lap, by 0.7 seconds. Finished the race in 15th.


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