A Rough Weekend of Racing

Round three, off to Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd Minnesota. The first time at this particular racetrack was last year, was looking forward to getting back on track. Friday was all day practice, and managed to get up to speed quickly during the morning sessions. Worked on suspension settings, gearing, geometery settings during the afternoon sessions, looking for the little bit of extra speed. Saturday was a day off, as none of the points counted for me. Sunday was raceday, rode both practice sessions, and was feeling ready to go for the first race of the day. Got a decent start for the first race, started working my way through the pack, with only 6 laps, i knew I had to push it to finish well. On lap 5 I pushed a little to hard and crashed. Got the bike back to the pits, swapped broken parts over, checked out by medical, had the bike looked over by the tech inspectors, just in time to make my second race of the day. Got a better start for this race, and was sitting in a top 10 position, batteling for a better position, I came onto the long straight and went to shift, and there was no shift lever, the piviot bolt had managed to work its way free. Out with a mechanical in the second race. I’d just like to apologize to all my sponsors and supporters for not finishing any of the races this weekend.


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