CCS Round 2: Blackhawk Farms Raceway 5/17/2015

Welcome to the start of the 2015 racing season. Thank you all for your support this year. Technically the season started 3 weeks ago. I spent a good majority of the off season working to get the bike ready, working to get myself ready, everything was falling into line to be able to race the first weekend of May. Then I recieved the bad news, my step-mother who had been battling brain cancer for the past 17 months, lost that fight. Needless to say family comes before racing, so I did miss the first weekend of racing this year. It felt great to get back on the bike to start the race season. There were several upgrades made to the bike to put me in a more competitive place, so getting used to those took a bit of time, and I can still see there are areas that need some attention, which will be addressed this upcoming long holiday weekend. While I personally have mixed feelings upon my first weekend racing this year, I would say overall it was a good start. Have a great holiday, and thanks again.Image1_zpsppzlwurm

The weekend was filled with cloudy skies and threatening rain. It was a toss up on if we were racing in the wet or racing in the dry. Lucky for us, a 100% chance of rain, means sunny and not a drop of rain. The first race of the day I got a miserable start, worked my way back up a few spots, then the race was red flagged, and restarted, finished 8th. The second race was the best of the day, I was finally close to on pace, ended up getting a decent start against the bigger bikes, held onto 4th for most of the race while closing in on the 3rd place guy, then I made a mistake which allowed the gap to grow, and I didn’t have enough laps to catch and pass for 3rd. The final race of the day, I got a good start and pushed but could not close the gaps on those in front, and I ended up finishing 8th.


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