CCS Round 5: Black Hawk Farms 9.27.2014


The last race weekend for the season is over. Weather was fantastic; a lot of people were putting in some very good times,iIncluding myself. Set a new personal best lap time. It was great to see all of the track family, one last time before we put the bikes away for the winter. I came into this year knowing that I was now competing with some very fast racers; my goal was to learn, and learn I did. While I may have only found the podium three times this year, my focus was on race craft, and becoming a better rider. I remember thinking after my first race back in May on whether or not I belonged among this group. I can tell you for certain that I do, and the future is only going to get better.

Thank you all for your help, support, and motivation this year. It means a great deal to me to have all of you support my efforts. Bring on 2015!


I had four races the final weekend, two on sat, two on Sunday. Knowing that I had a decent chance at finishing out the season in a pretty decent spot, I knew that I not only needed the points, but needed to finish in front of a couple of people. While I only managed two 4ths and two 5ths, which was good enough to secure 2nd overall in the region for Unlimited SuperSport, and 3rd overall in the region for Heavyweight SuperSport. Going into the season I never would have guessed that I would finish with two top 3 regional finishes.


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