CCS Rounds 4 and 5: Double Update

Its been a while since I posted a racing update, reasoning for that, I was searching for pictures to send. Apparently the photographers decided to take the 4th of July off, and not photograph any of the races that weekend. As you all know, I love including pictures in my updates, unfortunatly there will only be the one this time. None the less, I have had two race weekends since my last update, Road America and Blackhawk Farms.   Following the Brainerd races, I started feeling really good on the motorcycle, and was feeling like I could start to really push the bike and myself further than I have in the past. I’ll break down each race weekend, as they both had some ups and downs.

Road America – July 4-5, 2015

Road America, I love this place. It holds a special place in me, since it was the first track that I ever rode a motorcycle on. I did six races this weekend, three on Saturday, three on Sunday. One of the local track day organizations had a track day on Friday, so I chose to do that also. I spent most of Friday, working on gearing, geometry setup, and suspension setup. I had a pretty good day, and felt really good about going into the race weekend with a well setup machine. I ended up finishing 7th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 5th in Unlimited SuperSport, and 10th in Heavyweight Superbike. On Sunday I finished 8th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 7th in Unlimited SuperSport, and 7th in Heavyweight Superbike. I could tell there were some obvious horsepower differences, and I may have been able to make up some of that had I run the expensive race fuel. The highlight of the weekend for me was setting my best time ever at that track by over 4 seconds.

Blackhawk Farms – July 18-19, 2015

Back to the home track, after two solid weekend of feeling very good on the bike and pushing hard at Road America with a new personal best time by several seconds I was ready to push even harder and set another best time at Blackhawk Farms. Unfortunately not only did my body not go along with that plan, neither did the weather. Once again there was a track day the Friday before, having what I believed to be both a flu and a cold, I managed to ride four laps, and crashed in the wet on Friday. Luckily, no injuries, and no real damage to the bike, other than having to clean up a lot of grass and mud. I called it a day early and went to bed, hoping that when I woke up Saturday morning I would feel better and get to race. Saturday came, and I finally had an appetite, and knew that things were looking positive. I did three races on Saturday, finished 4th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 3rd in Unlimited SuperSport in wet conditions, and 8th in Heavyweight Superbike. The 3rd place finish was my first podium of the year, and given the conditions I was rather pleased with that. On Sunday, in the sweltering heat, and humidity that followed Saturday’s rain, I finished 7th in Heavyweight SuperSport, and 4th in Unlimited SuperSport. With my 2 finished in Unlimited SuperSport that should move me into 3rd in the region. Cannot wait to get back in August, I really feel like its time to push the bike and myself to a new level.


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