CCS Rounds 6 and 7


Since my last update there has been two race weekends. The first at Black Hawk Farms for Round 6, the second at Gingerman Raceway for Round 7. Both of these were single event days with practice preceeding the race day. I am currently sitting in 3rd place in the Region for Unlimited SuperSport and 5th in the Region for Heavyweight SuperSport. With a couple of solid finishes I can move into the number 2 spot in the region for Unlimited SuperSport. Unfortunatly, I am too far out of the points to make up any ground in Heavyweight. With that being said, my focus is on putting in some good finishes in the Unlimited class and moving up on the podium.

Black Hawk Farms – August 30

Back at the home track after 6 weeks off of racing. While it was a nice break, it felt very good to get back to the track and burn some tires and turn some laps. Saturday was a practice day, as this was only a single race day event. Having been off the bike for 6 weeks, I needed to get back up to speed, and get there quickly. The weather was not cooperating. Saturday was off and on rain, which didn’t make for any really good practice. Needless to say I was off pace, but still felt I could put in some good racing, and work towards a good finish and earn some much needed points in the Championship. The first race of the day was the Unlimited SuperSport race, the one I am focusing on the most. I needed that to be the second race of the day, so I could get in some extra practice first. I ended up finishing in 6th, although I did make up some needed points to move me closer to the number 2 spot. I finished 7th in the Heavyweight race, and had a much better pace during this race. With this finish I did add some points and continued to hold on to the number 5 spot.


Gingerman Raceway – September 20

Gingerman Raceway located in South Haven Michigan, the last time I was at this track I was a novice trackday rider. The track was freshly repaved and a new section added since the last time I had been here. This was the first time they have raced here in nine years, dating back to 2006, long before I ever turned a lap on a racetrack. Saturday was all day practice, which coming off the last round and being off pace I desperately needed. Plus that gave me time to learn the track again. It’s a very technical track that was designed as a chassis dynamics track for cars, needless to say, there are some very challenging corners. I was able to put up a good time early on in the day, and worked to improve that time throughout the course of practice. Again the first race of the day was the most important race, Unlimited SuperSport. With a solid finish in this race I could move into the number 2 spot in the region. I got an amazing start, and was able to hang with the leaders for most of the race, finally being out horse powered towards the end. I placed 4th, and was able to move to number 2, with a 12 point lead heading into the last event. The final race of the day was Heavyweight SuperSport. I got a terrible start, and finished 10th, but even with that finish I was able to retain the number 5 spot in the region.


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