The Final Update of the 2015 Season

To My Sponsors:

The last race weekend of the year has come and gone, pics have been posted, and final results updated. What a season its been. First off I cannot thank you enough for your support this year, and the past years. I truely love being out there on the bike competing, and its companies like yours that provide a lot of motivation for me to show up and put 100% effort into my program. I honestly cannot think of a weekend at the track that I wasnt talking about your products, recommending them to someone, or answering questions about them. I even got to crash test a few of them this year (oops). Thats the easy part for me, when you make products that I have confidence in and believe in, it makes it very easy to recommend. So, thank you for making this possible. I very much look forward to working with you next year.


Lets Talk Racing

Final race weekend of the year, home track, perfect weather. Currently sitting in second place in the Midwest Region in Unlimited SuperSport, and fifth in the region in Heavyweight SuperSport. Recall if you will, that I missed out on the first two race days of the year, due to the death of my stepmother, which put me in a hole from the start on points. To be sitting in second and fifth going into the last weekend was something I never imagined. The point gap in Heavyweight was too great to overcome to move into fourth, so I just needed to put some points on the board and secure my place. The Unlimited race was the big one, I had a 12 point lead over third place, with the weekend being a double point weekend, I needed to have a strong finish, to secure second. Practice in the morning went well, I had a good pace, and felt great. Unfortunately, the guy in third had a bit better pace. After looking at the grid positions, I was gridded up right in front of him, I knew I needed a good start, and had to run some defensive lines to limit his pace to keep the point gap close. I got a great start, and was able to execute my plan for the first couple of laps, eventually being overtaken by him on the third lap. I was able to hang with him, and had a great race going on. When the check flag flew he ended up beating me by two points, to take over second place in the region. All in all I couldn’t be happier with how the season ended. I finished third in the region in Unlimited SuperSport, continuing my three-year trend of finishing in the top three, and fifth in Heavyweight SuperSport. I set personal best lap times at every track we went to this year. I never missed a race or failed to finish due to crashing or mechanical issues. The one crash I had was in practice, in the rain, and caused very minor damage. I was actually a bit sad that the season was over, but I cannot wait for next season to begin. I plan on doing a lot of off-season dirt bike training to prepare for next year, should be a good start.


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