• A Rough Weekend of Racing

    Round three, off to Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd Minnesota. The first time at this particular racetrack was last year, was looking forward to getting back on track. Friday was all day practice, and managed to get up to speed quickly during the morning sessions. Worked on suspension settings, gearing, geometery settings during the afternoon sessions, looking for the little bit of extra speed. Saturday was a day off, as none of the points counted for me. Sunday was raceday, rode both practice sessions, and was feeling ready to go for the first race of the day. Got a decent start for the first race, started working my way through the pack, with only 6 laps, i knew I had to push it to finish well. On lap 5 I pushed a little to hard and crashed. Got the bike back to the pits, swapped broken parts over, checked out by medical, had the bike looked over by the tech inspectors, just in time to make my second race of the day. Got a better start for this race, and was sitting in a top 10 position, batteling for a better position, I came onto the long straight and went to shift, and there was no shift lever, the piviot bolt had managed to work its way free. Out with a mechanical in the second race. I’d just like to apologize to all my sponsors and supporters for not finishing any of the races this weekend.


  • 2016 Racing Season Has Begun

    This year had an interesting start to it. Autobahn Country Club, south course, a private member owned track that was last raced nine years ago. The south course is a very technical track that only has two opportunities a year to ride with a track day group, so racing this for the first time was rather challenging. Saturday was all day practice, in 40-degree temps, in the rain, needless to say, practice wasn’t very productive, but it did provide me the opportunity to at least learn the track, and freeze my fingers. Sunday was race day, still wet in the morning, but drying as the day went on. My first race was mid morning, mostly dry with a few damp patches. Finished the race in twelfth place. Second race was completely dry, early afternoon, had a much improved pace over the morning race, and was able to finish fifth. A decent start to the season, for a track I’ve never been to, with practice in the rain. Defiantly felt slow, was very much looking forward to the next race weekend back at the home track.


    Back at the home track, and the weather is fantastic. After the last race weekend, I really felt it was time to get up to speed and get my mojo back, so to speak. Again Saturday was all day practice, and I managed to come within 0.5 sec of my best time ever there. I was incredible happy with that, and I just knew there was more time to be had. Race one, terrible start, I managed to push and keep up the pace I was running all weekend, but that was just not enough to over come the start. Ended up finishing dead last. Race two, much improved start, still lost a few places off the start, even though I was not in the lead pack, I managed to catch and pass someone on the third lap. I noticed there were two racers in front of me that did have a gap on me but I was making up ground on them. By lap 4 I had caught up to them, and followed them around for a lap to find out where they were weak, I noticed that the racer in front of me was weak going into corner 4, that was where I would make my move the next lap around, unfortunately the next time around he didn’t allow my late brake underneath pass. I would eventually pass him on the brakes after the straight into turn 1, nicely executed draft pass. Now onto the next racer, knowing that the laps remaining were getting very small, I knew I had to make quick work of it, on the second to last lap I made another draft pass into turn 1, and just put my head down and tried to put as much distance between us as I could. I set my best lap time ever, the last lap, by 0.7 seconds. Finished the race in 15th.


  • The Final Update of the 2015 Season

    To My Sponsors:

    The last race weekend of the year has come and gone, pics have been posted, and final results updated. What a season its been. First off I cannot thank you enough for your support this year, and the past years. I truely love being out there on the bike competing, and its companies like yours that provide a lot of motivation for me to show up and put 100% effort into my program. I honestly cannot think of a weekend at the track that I wasnt talking about your products, recommending them to someone, or answering questions about them. I even got to crash test a few of them this year (oops). Thats the easy part for me, when you make products that I have confidence in and believe in, it makes it very easy to recommend. So, thank you for making this possible. I very much look forward to working with you next year.


    Lets Talk Racing

    Final race weekend of the year, home track, perfect weather. Currently sitting in second place in the Midwest Region in Unlimited SuperSport, and fifth in the region in Heavyweight SuperSport. Recall if you will, that I missed out on the first two race days of the year, due to the death of my stepmother, which put me in a hole from the start on points. To be sitting in second and fifth going into the last weekend was something I never imagined. The point gap in Heavyweight was too great to overcome to move into fourth, so I just needed to put some points on the board and secure my place. The Unlimited race was the big one, I had a 12 point lead over third place, with the weekend being a double point weekend, I needed to have a strong finish, to secure second. Practice in the morning went well, I had a good pace, and felt great. Unfortunately, the guy in third had a bit better pace. After looking at the grid positions, I was gridded up right in front of him, I knew I needed a good start, and had to run some defensive lines to limit his pace to keep the point gap close. I got a great start, and was able to execute my plan for the first couple of laps, eventually being overtaken by him on the third lap. I was able to hang with him, and had a great race going on. When the check flag flew he ended up beating me by two points, to take over second place in the region. All in all I couldn’t be happier with how the season ended. I finished third in the region in Unlimited SuperSport, continuing my three-year trend of finishing in the top three, and fifth in Heavyweight SuperSport. I set personal best lap times at every track we went to this year. I never missed a race or failed to finish due to crashing or mechanical issues. The one crash I had was in practice, in the rain, and caused very minor damage. I was actually a bit sad that the season was over, but I cannot wait for next season to begin. I plan on doing a lot of off-season dirt bike training to prepare for next year, should be a good start.


  • CCS Rounds 6 and 7


    Since my last update there has been two race weekends. The first at Black Hawk Farms for Round 6, the second at Gingerman Raceway for Round 7. Both of these were single event days with practice preceeding the race day. I am currently sitting in 3rd place in the Region for Unlimited SuperSport and 5th in the Region for Heavyweight SuperSport. With a couple of solid finishes I can move into the number 2 spot in the region for Unlimited SuperSport. Unfortunatly, I am too far out of the points to make up any ground in Heavyweight. With that being said, my focus is on putting in some good finishes in the Unlimited class and moving up on the podium.

    Black Hawk Farms – August 30

    Back at the home track after 6 weeks off of racing. While it was a nice break, it felt very good to get back to the track and burn some tires and turn some laps. Saturday was a practice day, as this was only a single race day event. Having been off the bike for 6 weeks, I needed to get back up to speed, and get there quickly. The weather was not cooperating. Saturday was off and on rain, which didn’t make for any really good practice. Needless to say I was off pace, but still felt I could put in some good racing, and work towards a good finish and earn some much needed points in the Championship. The first race of the day was the Unlimited SuperSport race, the one I am focusing on the most. I needed that to be the second race of the day, so I could get in some extra practice first. I ended up finishing in 6th, although I did make up some needed points to move me closer to the number 2 spot. I finished 7th in the Heavyweight race, and had a much better pace during this race. With this finish I did add some points and continued to hold on to the number 5 spot.


    Gingerman Raceway – September 20

    Gingerman Raceway located in South Haven Michigan, the last time I was at this track I was a novice trackday rider. The track was freshly repaved and a new section added since the last time I had been here. This was the first time they have raced here in nine years, dating back to 2006, long before I ever turned a lap on a racetrack. Saturday was all day practice, which coming off the last round and being off pace I desperately needed. Plus that gave me time to learn the track again. It’s a very technical track that was designed as a chassis dynamics track for cars, needless to say, there are some very challenging corners. I was able to put up a good time early on in the day, and worked to improve that time throughout the course of practice. Again the first race of the day was the most important race, Unlimited SuperSport. With a solid finish in this race I could move into the number 2 spot in the region. I got an amazing start, and was able to hang with the leaders for most of the race, finally being out horse powered towards the end. I placed 4th, and was able to move to number 2, with a 12 point lead heading into the last event. The final race of the day was Heavyweight SuperSport. I got a terrible start, and finished 10th, but even with that finish I was able to retain the number 5 spot in the region.


  • Track Maps

    A friend of mine suggested creating a page to store my track maps, that way I could share them with you all.  I have done just that.  Click here –> http://www.burgadracing.com/track-maps/ I know there are not many maps on there currently, if there is something you would like, send me a message on Facebook, and I will try to get the map uploaded for you.  Please share with your freinds.


  • CCS Rounds 4 and 5: Double Update

    Its been a while since I posted a racing update, reasoning for that, I was searching for pictures to send. Apparently the photographers decided to take the 4th of July off, and not photograph any of the races that weekend. As you all know, I love including pictures in my updates, unfortunatly there will only be the one this time. None the less, I have had two race weekends since my last update, Road America and Blackhawk Farms.   Following the Brainerd races, I started feeling really good on the motorcycle, and was feeling like I could start to really push the bike and myself further than I have in the past. I’ll break down each race weekend, as they both had some ups and downs.

    Road America – July 4-5, 2015

    Road America, I love this place. It holds a special place in me, since it was the first track that I ever rode a motorcycle on. I did six races this weekend, three on Saturday, three on Sunday. One of the local track day organizations had a track day on Friday, so I chose to do that also. I spent most of Friday, working on gearing, geometry setup, and suspension setup. I had a pretty good day, and felt really good about going into the race weekend with a well setup machine. I ended up finishing 7th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 5th in Unlimited SuperSport, and 10th in Heavyweight Superbike. On Sunday I finished 8th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 7th in Unlimited SuperSport, and 7th in Heavyweight Superbike. I could tell there were some obvious horsepower differences, and I may have been able to make up some of that had I run the expensive race fuel. The highlight of the weekend for me was setting my best time ever at that track by over 4 seconds.

    Blackhawk Farms – July 18-19, 2015

    Back to the home track, after two solid weekend of feeling very good on the bike and pushing hard at Road America with a new personal best time by several seconds I was ready to push even harder and set another best time at Blackhawk Farms. Unfortunately not only did my body not go along with that plan, neither did the weather. Once again there was a track day the Friday before, having what I believed to be both a flu and a cold, I managed to ride four laps, and crashed in the wet on Friday. Luckily, no injuries, and no real damage to the bike, other than having to clean up a lot of grass and mud. I called it a day early and went to bed, hoping that when I woke up Saturday morning I would feel better and get to race. Saturday came, and I finally had an appetite, and knew that things were looking positive. I did three races on Saturday, finished 4th in Heavyweight SuperSport, 3rd in Unlimited SuperSport in wet conditions, and 8th in Heavyweight Superbike. The 3rd place finish was my first podium of the year, and given the conditions I was rather pleased with that. On Sunday, in the sweltering heat, and humidity that followed Saturday’s rain, I finished 7th in Heavyweight SuperSport, and 4th in Unlimited SuperSport. With my 2 finished in Unlimited SuperSport that should move me into 3rd in the region. Cannot wait to get back in August, I really feel like its time to push the bike and myself to a new level.


  • CCS Round 3: Brainerd Raceway 6/13-14/2015

    The next round of the season was a combined effort between CCS and CRA, the local orginazation that races at Brainerd Raceway in Brainerd MN. This was by far the longest road trip I’ve made to go racing at a track I’ve never been to. It took nine hours of driving, but finally arrived around 6 pm Thursday evening, and started setting up to get ready for the practice day Friday. I went into practice with a good plan and a good starting setup. I talked to a lot of the locals to try and get a better idea of how to run the track.  I did some gearing changes to try and improve the drive out of corners, but with two separate sections of the track, a fast part and a technical part, hitting the correct gearing in the technical part was difficult without giving too much away in fast part. Eventually I felt confident in the setup and I was ready to race. I entered five races for the weekend, two saturday, and three on sunday. The results were not that great, but not totally unexpected, what does matter is that I went and had a blast. Cannot wait to go back!  Hopefully we get to do that again next year.

    The next weekend of racing will be at Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin over the fourth of July weekend.  Hope to see you there!

    2015-06-17 09.31.212015-06-17 12.51.36

  • CCS Round 2: Blackhawk Farms Raceway 5/17/2015

    Welcome to the start of the 2015 racing season. Thank you all for your support this year. Technically the season started 3 weeks ago. I spent a good majority of the off season working to get the bike ready, working to get myself ready, everything was falling into line to be able to race the first weekend of May. Then I recieved the bad news, my step-mother who had been battling brain cancer for the past 17 months, lost that fight. Needless to say family comes before racing, so I did miss the first weekend of racing this year. It felt great to get back on the bike to start the race season. There were several upgrades made to the bike to put me in a more competitive place, so getting used to those took a bit of time, and I can still see there are areas that need some attention, which will be addressed this upcoming long holiday weekend. While I personally have mixed feelings upon my first weekend racing this year, I would say overall it was a good start. Have a great holiday, and thanks again.Image1_zpsppzlwurm

    The weekend was filled with cloudy skies and threatening rain. It was a toss up on if we were racing in the wet or racing in the dry. Lucky for us, a 100% chance of rain, means sunny and not a drop of rain. The first race of the day I got a miserable start, worked my way back up a few spots, then the race was red flagged, and restarted, finished 8th. The second race was the best of the day, I was finally close to on pace, ended up getting a decent start against the bigger bikes, held onto 4th for most of the race while closing in on the 3rd place guy, then I made a mistake which allowed the gap to grow, and I didn’t have enough laps to catch and pass for 3rd. The final race of the day, I got a good start and pushed but could not close the gaps on those in front, and I ended up finishing 8th.


  • CCS Round 5: Black Hawk Farms 9.27.2014


    The last race weekend for the season is over. Weather was fantastic; a lot of people were putting in some very good times,iIncluding myself. Set a new personal best lap time. It was great to see all of the track family, one last time before we put the bikes away for the winter. I came into this year knowing that I was now competing with some very fast racers; my goal was to learn, and learn I did. While I may have only found the podium three times this year, my focus was on race craft, and becoming a better rider. I remember thinking after my first race back in May on whether or not I belonged among this group. I can tell you for certain that I do, and the future is only going to get better.

    Thank you all for your help, support, and motivation this year. It means a great deal to me to have all of you support my efforts. Bring on 2015!


    I had four races the final weekend, two on sat, two on Sunday. Knowing that I had a decent chance at finishing out the season in a pretty decent spot, I knew that I not only needed the points, but needed to finish in front of a couple of people. While I only managed two 4ths and two 5ths, which was good enough to secure 2nd overall in the region for Unlimited SuperSport, and 3rd overall in the region for Heavyweight SuperSport. Going into the season I never would have guessed that I would finish with two top 3 regional finishes.