CCS Round 1: Blackhawk Farms Raceway 5.18.2014

After the opening weekend a couple of weeks back, if feels good to get back on my home track.  Home track being Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, Il.  A 1.95 mile, “7” turn (it really has 12), technical track.  It was a rough couple of weeks for me, after a not great start on a track that I am not all that comfortable on.  I was also wondering if I really do fit in with the expert racers, but that changed over the weekend.  I have renewed confidence in myself now, that “Yes, I do belong, and I can compete.”



It was a rather chilly weekend with morning temps in the forties, warming to the seventies in the afternoon.  also made the decision to switch back to my old suit, at least until I can properly break in the new one.  This helped tremendously on track by allowing me to move around and not fight myself.


Since this weekend was only a single race day (not the typical double header), I only did two races on Sunday.  However, I got in some great practice sessions on Saturday.  During one of the practice sessions, I came within a few hundredths of my personal best time, which was a huge confidence booster going into the races on Sunday.  I just had a feeling that things might get pretty interesting during the races.

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