CCS Round 2: Road America 7.5.2014

There is nothing like celebrating the Fourth of July at a place called Road America. This is the place that changed the world for me, as it was my first track. June 2010, I had won a free trackday. I had no idea what a trackday was, I didn’t even know you could ride a motorcycle on a race track, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to find out. Gear? I had a helmet and a leather jacket, that wasn’t going to do, so off to buy the proper gear. So much for it being free. How was I going to get there? Luckily someone offered to take my bike up to the track (thanks Craig), as it defiantly was not going to fit inside my camry. I finally arrived, with all the proper gear, excited, nervous, and ready to give this a try. First session out I was giving it my all; I think I got 3 laps in a 20 minute session. Just like all beginners, I was pushing the bike as hard as you could push, leaning the bike as far as it would go.  Oh, how far we have come. While I’m still not the fastest guy on the track, I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things since that day. Thank you for all of your support, without people like you, some of us may never have had the opportunity to experience what it is like to ride a motorcycle on a race track.



Two races Saturday, two on Sunday. That was the plan anyway, due to some unfortunate incidents races were pushed back and I only got one race in on Saturday, and the other three on Sunday. Had great starts in all the races, but quickly realized that others were running much more powerful bikes, and on this track, horsepower is key. I did manage to set a personal best lap time and was just off the podium in two of the four races. Overall I am happy with the performance, every weekend I keep getting closer to putting it on the podium.

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