CCS Round 3: Blackhawk Farms Raceway 7.19.2014

The first double header weekend at Blackhawk Farms of the year, and the weather couldnt have been more perfect. Saturday morning started out with 3 practice sessions, with a number of guys posting some really low times. I also improved on my personal best time that morning by six tenths of a second. The weekend was shaping up to be a good one. I entered four races, two on saturday, same two on sunday. Having spent some time working on the electronics set up of the bike, I finally managed to get it much closer to where I wanted it to be. There were quite a few spectators at the races this weekend, a few of which stopped by to ask what parts I was running, and a few other random questions about my bike and setup. I was more than happy to talk about the bike, the parts, and especially where I got them. Thanks again for all of your support. Onto the races, and the exciting events that took place this weekend. Achieving a goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.


As I looked over the grid sheet for the first race on Saturday, I noticed that quite a few of the top 10 experts in the region decided to enter the same race as I did. The best quote of the day was “this will be the best education you’re going to get for about a half a lap”, they were correct. Got an ok start, and managed to hang onto the pack for about a half a lap before they started to gap me. I was giving it everything I could to make sure that gap didn’t increase, it did however, and I ended up finishing 5th. The second race of the day was all worth it. Got a better start, used what I learned in the earlier race about fast lines vs defensive lines, and was able to hold on for my first expert podium finishing third. Riding that high into Sundays races, we met with a similar challenge as the day previous. Race one on Sunday was filled once again with the top experts, building upon what I had learned the day before, I managed to stay with the pack for several laps this time, even though there was a gap, I still felt like I could make a move if someone had made a mistake. These guys are front running experts for a reason, no mistakes were made and I held out for seventh. The last race for me of the weekend was my best finish yet as an expert. This was due mostly to mistakes by others, some didn’t make the grid in time, others didn’t make the grid at all. When the checker flag fell, I ended up second. Bitter sweet, but yet the points earned over the weekend were enough to move me into second in the region for Unlimited SuperSport, and fouth in the region for Heavyweight SuperSport. I could not be more please with those results. I knew this year was going to be a struggle and it has been, but I’m going to keep showing up and turning laps, to the best of my ability, because in the end, you never know where thing will end up.


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