WERA Round 1: Grattan Raceway 5.5.2014

Hello, first off, I would like to thank you for all of your support this season. It means a great deal to me that companies like yours support racers and road racing. This season is going to be filled with education, good times, and bad. Coming off a great season as an amateur, this will be my first season in the expert division. I expect to learn a great deal from those who have been there for many years. Hopefully I will learn enough to put our efforts on top of the podium. It’s been a long winter, and I am ready to get back on the bike and twist the throttle to the stop, and see what we can’t make happen. You will be provided with plenty of photographs along the way. Once again, thank you for your support.


The first race of the year was with WERA at Grattan Raceway in Belding Michigan. A 12 turn technical track featuring blind corners, elevation changes, and thanks to the rain, areas of wet spots on the track. It’s a track that I’m not all that familiar with, withc makes running your first expert race seem daunting. I entered 3 races, C Superbike, A Superbike, and F1. It was quite a humbling experience. While the results were not great, many lessons were learned; lessons that will be put to good use to further my learning in the expert division.

grattan me

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